A Belated Shout Out to 2011

I cannot stop dwelling on my bloggy slacker failure from the past year.  I have all kinds of reasons why I couldnt get to it (started to list them, but why).  Now I am honestly hung up with this regret that I did not give shout outs to a few certain events and people.  I have also realized how much I enjoy going back to old stories and reliving the good, bad and ugly of the cycling madness I call my life.   So in order to help me kick off this year and new season of two wheeled adventures I first must go back and tell you about… *fade to black*

Team in Training !! America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride June 2011

It is really hard to express how rewarding being a part of a Team in Training event feels.  I was asked back on the team after a whole lot of years to help as the head cycling mentor, which was a true honor and privilege.  After many months of many rainy training miles we successfully completed a century ride around Lake Tahoe. 

The first  time in 20 years of this event it rained (cold mountain rain! *SHIVERRRRR*) for the first 25 miles or so.. yet it was still awesome!  Helping support new participates to complete what could be the biggest physical challenge of their life and all the while fundraising for a wonderful cause seriously rules.  I was also honored to participate in this event alongside three amazing survivors! 

Bert, Justin and Stacey are not only surviving but seriously thriving!  Living life to the fullest and then some and I’m so grateful to have met them and everyone else on the team.  GO TEAM!!  When we have those lousy days when it seems impossible to feel grateful and we rather mope and complain about the dumbest shit we need to remember there are people out there fighting for their lives!  Right now!  So suck it up and appreciate everything you got, because we should!

Stoopid 50

After years of hearing stories about this race I finally got out there, finished it and loved it!! In all the years I have been racing (10ish now)  it was the first time I had a horrendous head cold and I still “raced”.. well rode my bike through a course that day.  My sinuses could not have been more stuffed and my head more heavy that morning, but the rest of me felt fine.  I went with that “above the neck = suck it up and ride, below the neck = rest and recover” cycling mantra we all seem to repeat to each other (the healthy riders always telling the sick ones of course).  With some concern and hesitation and a LOT of snot I pushed off with everyone else that morning.  I had no race pace in me that day and just rode the course out and I absolutely loved every stoopid minute of it!!!

24 Hours of 7 Springs

So here I go minding my own biz one lovely July day, I head out for a solo ride and I come across a group of studs on trail.  What’s a girl to do?  Of course I stop, say hi and ask them if they wanna ride some bikes (as they are all pirched on their bikes bs’ing on the side of my home trails).   They agree and we push off together for a loop around the infamous np lake.  Who would have guessed just two months later we would be standing on a podium after our first 24 hour race together in a 5-person coed team.  🙂

These guys, affectionally known as the Bad Lads, are some of the nicest guys I have ever met.  They are newer to the racing world compared to most of my friends racing 5-10+ years by now, but their passion and newer eyes for the sport has seriously helped revive and recharge my own passion for it as well.  I feel like racing will always be in my blood but the desire and ability to train the way I want and need to is a whole other ball game.  I am looking forward to this race season more than I have in a few years and I’m excited to have found even more awesome friends to share and enjoy it with!

Month of Mud

For the first time (after some much appreciated DP smack talk) I committed to doing the MOM series and really trying and see how it goes.   I was  (still am) really excited and proud to win the expert women catagory overall.  Now I know there is some circumstance to this that I wont dwell on, but that goes with any series and I actually felt far more excited and proud than I ever anticipated.  The love and support and smack talk from my friends was truly so fabulous I dont think I could or would have done it without them.  Thanks 🙂  And congrats to Stacie for a most fabulous series and year too! 

2012 TREK RIG!!

I gotta new bike!  Now I’ve had a lot of bikes over the years, but this flat black and red singlespeed is freaking hawwwwwt.  I’ve had a Gary Fisher Paragon that I converted into a singlespeed a few years ago, so this is my first “real” singlespeed and I am loving every minute of this sexy bike!  I cant thank Bob Myers and Trek enough for the willingness to support grass root riders like myself over the years.  Thanks Bob.  🙂


The best way to sum up this race and experience is that 2012 registration opens at 10am on 03/01/12!  I’m all over that like a tween at a Justin Bieber ticket sale!  Word on the street is its the largest mountain bike race in the country and I believe it.  Several thousand riders take over Traverse City, Michigan for a weekend and they put on one of the most exciting, large scale, professional races you can ever have the privilege of doing!  Its fast rolling double track (mostly snow mobile trails) so its good for roadies and mountain bikers alike.  If you dig racing and road trips this is undoubtedly one for the bucket list. 

Saved the best for last…. and I’m chronological… 😉

Two of my bestest friends got married!  To each other!  I failed to get a picture with just the bride and groom that day (I still cant believe that!), but I do have a pre-wedding bathroom party pic!   I love this and everything about that day!  Might be my favorite day of 2011!  For a bunch of usually dirty mountain biker chicks we clean up pretty nice sometimes too.

All in all 2011 was a great year.  I’m grateful for cycling and all the wonderful people it has brought into my life.  Its NOT just a hobby, its a way of life.   See you in the trails.  MJ 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by GoToGuy on January 31, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    It’s about time slacker! Thanks for being an inspiration to me in my new cycling world as well as my professional world. Depending on how crazy my baseball world is the next couple of seasons, I’m actually thinking about mtb racing one of these days. Keep up the good work!


  2. Posted by MJ on January 31, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    Thanks so much GoTo! I’m excited you finally get to be a part of the baseball world again this summer after a long two seasons away. Take those boys ALL! THE! WAY! 🙂


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