Earth Day and Ride a Mother #*@!^ Bike!

So, did you do anything to love your earthy mother this past week/end?  Well, we all should. I am always trying to find greener ways to live my life, but have much needed room for improvement.  Did you ever hear the biggest room in the world is the room for improvment.  Ahhhh, thats good stuff right there..

I’d like to consider myself a “green bean” my entire adult life.  My first job was at Handel’s Ice Cream in West Mifflin, PA and I practiced driving with my learner’s permit when I would jam pack my mom’s old ’89 Buick Skyhawk completely FULL of empty milk jugs from the homemade ice cream shop down to a recycling center in town because they just threw them out!  GACK!  That was back in.. umm.. 1992 or 93.   Good times.  (Banana Split Hurricanes!  Snappy Turtle Ice Cream! Mmmmm!)

In honor of Earth Day / Week I wanted to share some links for those who might not know this stuff is available to us and are interested to find more ways to recycle around the Burgh.  It’s the little daily efforts that add up to big positive change.  Tag!  Your it!

Recycle your bikes – FREE RIDE – donate, learn, volunteer.  Have an old bike that you do not ride and do not know what to do with it?  I have much appreciation and respect for this organization and its missions, so I linked it to that page specifically.  Very cool.

Recycle your cell phones – there’s lots of easy options these days, but my preferred suggestion is the local Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh.  The phone gets donated and a monetary donation gets made for local victims.  Very nice.

Recycle formal attire – How many of us have formal wear that we will probably never wear again like bridal dresses or older gowns we just may no longer like?  I love this bridal dress, but I’m never going to wear it again.  Let’s help underprivileged kids enjoy their prom!  They take women and mens attire and are actually having a public prom sell THIS Saturday 04/28/12 at Century III mall in West Mifflin, PA. 

Zero Waste Pittsburgh!! – a goal of mine is to live a zero waste life style, but I’m far from achieving that goal.  Until then its good to make those efforts when I can easily recycle each day AND on hard to recycle items (chemicals, old electronics, old drugs).  There is actually a collection event THIS Saturday 04/28/12 also for old drugs / pharmaceuticals that we did not like or use up instead of throwing them out or flushing them away.  Do you have a cabinet full of old stuff your probably never going to take?  Find a collection center near you.

RIDE A BIKE!  It seems like most non-bikers have these ideals of how or when to ride a bike and are usually narrow minded to it.  There are more and more opportunities and safe routes to get around neighborhoods and town.  Bike Pittsburgh is the best place to get all your yinzer biker friendly scoop.  Instead of taking that 5 or 10 minute drive for a quick errand jump on a bike and get a workout in while you shop.  Its refreshing, invigorating, saves $$$ and I bet you’ll feel proud of yourself for commuting on bike.  Burn fat not fuel!  

In honor of my 2nd favorite Mother Earth (love you mom! ;))  and my crazy addiction to bikes let’s rock out to this indie tune and ride a mother $*#!&* bike!   Yeah, its a little vulgar, but it blows up the awesome meter in my opinion…


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