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2012 Race Season initates at Mountwood

I remember Mountwood being a hot and nauseating heat last year and conditions were looking the same for this season.   The trails are fast, flowing and not too technical.  Comparable to north or boyce park but with a bit more climbing in my opinion.  Since there’s no time like the present, let’s get this race season started!

The expert field pushes off and wouldnt ya know.. I’m the LAST one in the single track.  Nothing I havent experienced many, many… many times before.  I’m going to roll with the turtle mentality and “plan” to pick off a few hares later in the race.  Right.  I proceed.. alone.. and focus on finding some rhythm hoping for a solid pace before the sport class starts chasing me down.   Before I know it I feel a sharp sting on my lower back and I’m quickly juggling the bike with one hand and in hot pursuit of one son of a beeyatch on or under my jersey!  Muthaaa!  I’m weaving all over the trail and cant find anything.  I do not want to stop to drop back any further or worse give the jerk or its buddies a chance to hit me again.  I later found out a few other racers got tagged as well and located a bug bite constellation on my back with five itchy bumps.  Meh!  Let the race season itchy bumps begin.  Dang it! Continue reading


12th Annual Race to Any Place Report

For those who are not familiar, the Race to Anyplace is the largest indoor stationary bike race in Western Pennsylvania and one of the largest fundraising events for the W.PA / WV Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Sweet!  Its a 6-hour relay race split up into (24) 15-minute intervals.  Teams can consist of 1-24 riders.  Most usually max out with about 12.  The Pittsburgh BELLAs had 4 riders this year, so we each got to “enjoy” 6 intervals of our very own.  Mmmm mmmm sizzle, burn!! Continue reading

3rd Annual OTB BALL Shout Outs & Raffle Prize Winners!

Ahhhh..  *leaned back, feet up*  I’m so very happy to report the 3rd annual OTB BALL is complete and considered another success for the Pittsburgh BELLAs!  A few more roundhouse kicks to the cancer FACE!!  Our total funds raised are down some from last year, but we are still very happy to report we raised $3262.00 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!!  I’m so proud of my team for taking on this event together.  Take that ya stoopid blood cancers!  Rrroooarrrrrr!!  I am pretty certain Ryo can rock out the most intense roar out of all of us too, so dont make her do it.  You’ve been warned Continue reading

A Belated Shout Out to 2011

I cannot stop dwelling on my bloggy slacker failure from the past year.  I have all kinds of reasons why I couldnt get to it (started to list them, but why).  Now I am honestly hung up with this regret that I did not give shout outs to a few certain events and people.  I have also realized how much I enjoy going back to old stories and reliving the good, bad and ugly of the cycling madness I call my life.   So in order to help me kick off this year and new season of two wheeled adventures I first must go back and tell you about… *fade to black* Continue reading

Mama needs a new set of wheels!

Going to attempt my first cross race  of the season this Sunday then head up to Moraine and hopefully find the next bike for my arsenal.  Teehee!  So exciting!  You should stop by and get a taste of the new line up with me… dead sexy!

Hilly Billy Roubaix

Hey readers!  Man, I suck at blogging this year.  Add it to the list.  My whole intent for this scene is to spread large amounts of cycling cheer and sing it loud for all to hear… well, I mean type about it and I just havent been able to make it happen.  Bummer, but I HAVE recently attended two seriously bad ass bike gigs (America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride around Lake Tahoe and the Stoopid 50 in State College, PA that I’m jonesin to tell you about!), but I gotta continue to save those for another time.. I hope.  Right now I am still coming down from my first Hilly Billy high and I gotta talk about it.. Continue reading

9 Hours of Cranky Monkey Report

I (and most of the Burgh’s mountain biking world.. worrrd) went to Rocky Gap State Park, Maryland this weekend to partake in 9 hours of cranky monkey.  I was not confronted by any irritable primates during the weekend, but I spotted a few banana peels on the course.  How original.  The park, campsite and lake were absolutely beautiful and I spotted the very snazzy looking lodge through my tent window.  I can definitely see me roughing it in there next time I decide to hit these trails Continue reading