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Earth Day and Ride a Mother #*@!^ Bike!

So, did you do anything to love your earthy mother this past week/end?  Well, we all should. I am always trying to find greener ways to live my life, but have much needed room for improvement.  Did you ever hear the biggest room in the world is the room for improvment.  Ahhhh, thats good stuff right there. Continue reading


Random thoughts from a sick individual

Today is officially one too many days home alone trying to kill this evil with drugs and kindness (a noteworthy shout out to my mom who has stopped by to make sure I am alive and kickin.  Thanks mom!!)  but so much time, within these walls, closing in on me.. having. trouble. breathing.  has officially just pushed me over the edge and I am using this blog to reach civilization once again and pull me out of the depths of INSANITY!  In the name of blog bull shit everywhere.. here goes Continue reading

With love…

Thank You

New Game Plan

 Alright!  So I gotta little knee issue.  Whatev!  I’ve finally managed to get my head back on straight again and have pulled myself out of the depths of this debbie downer bull shit I’ve been dwelling in for the last week or so.  Man, was that lame!  I finally hit up an orthopedic doc, but besides him totally not being cool, he left me feeling just as stressed as when I went in there.  That sucked.  So I called up my boy Matt Tinkey (Athletic Trainer at UPMC Sports Medicine) and asked if he can take a look and help me out.. and he did!  Thanks Matt!!  I officially do NOT have tendonitis in the knee!  That rules!!  Its gotta be about as close of a 2nd place runner up (or 1st place loser, whichever you prefer) as its going to get though.  Same friggin symptoms.  Blahblahblah.   BUT no PT!  That deserves a great, big happy dance!!  Done Continue reading

Ladies Summer Solstice Gala Road Ride

As long as my knee isnt a complete disaster I am looking forward to some casual riding fun!  I kneed it!! (har har!)  I have no clue what I could make for the craftswap, so hopefully I’ll think  of something.  Here is the Velomuse details:

When:  THIS FRIDAY, June 18th

Time:  6-8pm

Start:  T.O.P. Shadyside Store

Finish: Tazza D’Oro Cafe

Why:  As a part of Car Free Fridays

Who:  THE LADIES!!   

For the adventurous woman, racer chic, grocery toting mom, college commuter lady, and bicycle polo playing playing grrl. Tired of the boys’ club? Just interested in a different kind of ride? Trying to find your riding style or encourage someone else to ride? Anything goes… just bring something handmade and gift-wrapped for the craftswap at the end, where we’ll finish a casual, chatting pace cruise around East Liberty.

Big Bear 2×12 & Festival

With my now heniously flexible schedule (so weird to me) I am able to line up all kinds of other stuff other than mad /sad attempts to ride “fast” at all opportunities.  I gotta say I’m already okay with it.  I hit up some trail maintenance last night and hope to help complete a NEW TRAIL at north park this coming Sunday!  Sweet!  I’m going to propose PTAG call it “MJ’s Trail”.  Too nervy?  Naahh.  I also intend to hit up the Big Bear 2 x 12 race and FESTIVALFun!  Ok, so I cant actually race (which might rip me apart once they say “go” but I’ll get over it), but you best believe I intend to be one of the bestest cheerleaders out there, people.  MORE COW BELL !!!