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338 Miles, 9 Ladies, 4 days & 1 Slow Leak

I have had a lot of adventures over the years but this one definitely reaches podium level as I proudly scratch it off my bucket list.  It has been about a full year since Ryanne created the facebook event proposing a DC to Pittsburgh rails to trail ride this June.  Originally I was a “no”, thinking I could.. would never want to do that amount of rail to trail miles and wanted to save my vacation time for other adventures most likely with my boyfriend.  Then I got laid off.  Hmm.. schedule flexibility is high.  Open-mindness to new experiences is high.  Trip expenses were low.  Then I became a “maybe” as the event weekend approached wanting to keep my optimism high that my dream job could call any day and want me to start that week.  Since that didnt happened (yet) I signed on and confirmed the Monday (two days) before the trip that I was a belated “Hell to the Yeah!”  Let’s ride! Continue reading