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2012 Race Season initates at Mountwood

I remember Mountwood being a hot and nauseating heat last year and conditions were looking the same for this season.   The trails are fast, flowing and not too technical.  Comparable to north or boyce park but with a bit more climbing in my opinion.  Since there’s no time like the present, let’s get this race season started!

The expert field pushes off and wouldnt ya know.. I’m the LAST one in the single track.  Nothing I havent experienced many, many… many times before.  I’m going to roll with the turtle mentality and “plan” to pick off a few hares later in the race.  Right.  I proceed.. alone.. and focus on finding some rhythm hoping for a solid pace before the sport class starts chasing me down.   Before I know it I feel a sharp sting on my lower back and I’m quickly juggling the bike with one hand and in hot pursuit of one son of a beeyatch on or under my jersey!  Muthaaa!  I’m weaving all over the trail and cant find anything.  I do not want to stop to drop back any further or worse give the jerk or its buddies a chance to hit me again.  I later found out a few other racers got tagged as well and located a bug bite constellation on my back with five itchy bumps.  Meh!  Let the race season itchy bumps begin.  Dang it! Continue reading


WVMBA Henry Clay / Coopers ROCK!

Every single time I go down to West Virginia I question why I do not go there more often.  When everyone talks about favorite trails and going to far away places.. uhh.. whatever!  I’m straight packing up and heading to I-68 cuz some of my favorite rock infested, green and gorgeous, knock my socks off, and maybe a shoe, most spectacular, bestest, wild and wonderful, yeah I could keep going, favorite places to ride is not far from home at all.  AHHH YEAHH!!   A summary of my day.. Continue reading

Weekend Warrior Options

Lots of cool cycling options this coming weekend…

Friday:  the Keg Ride as previously noted.

Saturday:  Muskingum Mayhem, an Ohio 40-60 mile mt. bike tour.


OMBC Race 3 at The Wilds

WVMBA Race 3 Cole Subaru Crying Wolf Challenge

Pedal Pittsburgh Road Ride , a 6-60 mile loop around the Burgh.

Decide on your fun and let’s ride some bikes!!

WVMBA Big Bear Ultra

*  6 hours and 7 minutes of ride time

*  I seriously heart WV.

*  I didnt know this drop was coming until this very moment, but I have yet to perfect the wheelie drop anyway…

08.08.09 Big Bear Ultra

*  I completed my most hard core (points for speed and impact, not distance) superman to date Continue reading

WVMBA #7 State Champs

07.12.09 WV State Champs 2nd LapThe “hightlights” scene is really working for me these days.  It takes much less brain power to spit up random thoughts instead of trying to rock out a “story”  of sorts, so here I go again…

1.  I lined up at the start line right behind Sue Haywood and Betsy Shogren.  I wasnt intimidated at all because I knew they were going to blow my doors off.  Acceptance is key.  It just felt soooo cool standing there with them.  A rare opportunity and I loved it.

2.  There was a pile up of dudes at the very beginning stretch of gravel road.  WTF?  I still dont understand what happened.

3.  The first batch of grass was like a pump track.  That was fun.  Did the trail people build it up with that intent or did they actually find that mama nature already provided it and they routed the trail accordingly?  Continue reading

WV State MTB Championships

Charlene and I drove down to Davis, WV for another ROCKIN good time!  I ran into these amazingly cool, ridiculously fast, genuinely nice, awesomely awesome ladies. The best mentors a girl could ask for! I love it!  Full report to follow.  I’m sleeeeepy.07.12.09 MJ Betsy Sue post race

2009 WVMBA1 (Big Bear), OMBC2 (Vultures), MINGO3

Attention all racers!  A few nice racing options for this weekend are lined up.  The Ohio Mountain Biking Championship Series (OMBC) is having their second race of the year at Vulture’s Knob Saturday evening at 5pm.  I seriously love it there.  Lots of bridges and other obstacles to distract you along the way.  Super fun!  I recommend you take your IVY BLOCK!  If memory serves me right (which has really been failing me this week) the trails got plenty of the devil plant linger about.  You’ve been warned!  

On Sunday, West Virginia Mountain Biking Association (WVMBA) season opener is this Sunday at Big Bear Lake in Bruceton, WV!   I just love West Viriginia!  Truly so wild and wonderful!   I’m pretty heart broken that I will not be in attendance at either of these.  Non-biking life has totally conflicted with this schedule and I will be staying in the Burgh this weekend.  Bummer.  Please go, have a wonderful time and let me know how it went! 

A local pavement option is the Mingo Road Series has its third and final race of the season.  I hope the weather is fairly decent for Sunday and this will be the first year I actually make the whole Mingo series.  Maybe.  Predictions call for some yucky weather compared to last weekend, but I’m hoping to get my butt out there either way.  We’ll see. 

Happy Weekend!