I just wanna ride my bikes..

I am doing a decent amount of other fun things in life that I normally do not have time for, but I just seriously miss and want to ride my bikes.  I’ve slowly been getting back into it, but after an (easy) 3+ hour ride last weekend I aggrevated my knee again.  You have GOT to be kidding me.  (I wasnt crying, but straight glassy eyed people).  Ok, so maybe I should stop at the 3 hour mark for a while.  I can respect that.  I head out for a road ride this past Sunday and it was aggrevated under 2 hours.  #!*@#!   Alright.  I’m back on my daily pill popping regiment and will continue to focus on stretching and icing as needed.  Fingers crossed.  Prayers in effect.  Burning candles. Dancing to any Gods watching.  Chanting.  Potions.  Dropping any and all change in wishing wells and definitely wishing on all falling stars

So even with my most recent and pending knee issues I am still hoping to just maybe hit up a race this coming Sunday.  I just miss it so!  Like a life long dear friend has moved away or home sickness.  Remember that feeling?  That craving?  I totally have it.  Ho Hum.  So if all goes well I just want to get out there.  See my racing friends and ride some trails that I normally do not get to ride.   Still being an “expert”  rider and doing the longer mileage there is a very high chance I will be the last rider to finish for the day, but I can guarantee if I can make it through the entire course without my knee acting up I will still be the happiest person there no matter what time I finish!  Oh I hope so!  

I have also recently signed up for a corporate team at the 7Springs 24 hour race.  The corporate team will give me the luxury of participating in the awesome event but remove all the stresses that come with a competitive team.  I’m really excited to be able to partake in it after I thought I was not even going to be there.   Being completely engulfed in the cycling world for an entire weekend is exactly what the bike doctor would order!  I know my team has no requirements of me but to have fun, but I will still try my best no matter how mediocre that will be!  haha.

I now leave you with another video.  I had some friends bust my video sharing chops the other day about the video was altered somehow and why am I not posting videos of local riding friends.  I am totally game to do that, but I need to find them.  Pratt, lets talk.  I will make efforts to post friends in the future, but these videos are currently accessible online, nicely done and simply a few minutes of biking goodness no matter who is in them.  I just love to ride, talk, look, touch, smell, taste, breath bikes and occasionally share a video.  Its all I have people!  COME ON!!  Feel free to watch it and either like or not like it, but if you have nothing nice to say then dont, and if you DO like it please say so!  I love me some positive feedback! PaLEEZE!  I’ll kiss you on your FACE!     

I seriously love this guy.  A bad ass no doubt.  It is no longer rider and bicycle, but Danny MacAskill.  I love the song too.  I love all of it, but a favorite part is just past the three minute mark when the music picks up and he does a back flip off a tree and the drops at the end get ca-ra-zeeey!.  It makes me smile and I hope you smile too.  🙂 THEN GO RIDE YOUR BIKE!! 

I  hope to see more of my riding friends out there soon. 

Peace, love and pedal strokes..  


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  1. Posted by Jesse Kelly on August 25, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    Hey MJ. Just my thoughts on the knee pain.
    so many things can cause it. I started having issues when I was riding SS and gearing it to heavy. But for the most part I’ve been lucky That being said earlier this year I was having a lot of problems. I eventually figured out that I needed some kind of support wedge because my feet were turning in. Actually theres a few out there, including the Lemond LeWedge, and Specialized as a 3 different foot beds, insoles that each can turn your foot at slightly different angle. Their dealers should be able to measure you.
    Turns out for me I just needed new shoes! My old pairs had structurally collapsed.
    Recently though Ive had bit more pain,. But I’ve also ridden a 1000 mtb miles in the new shoes, so maybe time for another pair!
    I’m riding virtually every day. I’m still a large guy (though getting smaller!). I’m on a hard tail too and there is no way I can handle a 3 hour ride! But each day i average about 1.5 hours. It’s not my fitness that can’t go longer; it’s my body and especially my feet on the hard tail. I really should be, and i recommend to many, doing my daily rides on an FS bike if just to give you the added comfort and reduce the daily jarring.
    Another:: You can try spinning a lot more. If you’re comfortable in a particular gear drop it one and spin a bit, which will reduce the continued power torque on the knees.
    I’m sure there are 1000 other potential causes. Even crank length. I know a couple guys here that are about 5’8 and they switched to 170mm cranks. maybe that would be a help to you, considering theres a good change you can turning the same 175mm crank circumference a 6’5″ guy is turning.
    Long time no see! At least Travis has made it to Philly last year; where have you been? !!


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